Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Damn girl you got some muscles!

My world has been about swim, bike, run this year and honestly, little else. I hired a coach last fall who shall be named, henceforth, Lt. Dan. I have a great training partner, Ms. A.Badger. It has been a blur of exercise since last November, but I feel that I have made some great improvements. For starters, I am a lot stronger. By body shape has actually changed do to the exercise and the horrible weight training that Lt. Dan forces us to do. He says it's to prevent injuries, but while looking at pictures of pro women from the recent Texas Hermann Memorial 70.3 race last week it appears I am looking more and more like a female pro triathlete and less and less like a regular age grouper. At least from the waist up. The thighs must be slow on the uptake because they aren't quite as muscular as the arms. Being more muscled than I am used too has taken some getting used to. For one, it just seems less feminine. But us Americans have such a skewed idea of what feminine is anyway. But on the other hand it is nice to be strong enough to carry Ham up the front side of Chautauqua on my shoulders and not half to think twice about it!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Stroke and Stride

I am lucky that live extremely close to the Mecca of triathlon training with professional triathletes around every corner aka Boulder Colorado. I get super great tips from my swim coach who is a pro triathlete and get to glance at the pros while getting ready to race here. That being said my somewhat decent times look horribly pathetic here. That's OK, it keeps me motivated.

Tonight is Stroke and Stride, which is a 750 or 1500 meter swim at the Boulder Reservoir followed by a 5k. This is the first one of the summer. The water is quite cold and I am a cold water baby I have learned. I am a hot weather baby when running. I need to toughen up. I am desperately trying to convince myself to get in and swim tonight. I feel nervous. Open water swims always make me nervous, despite the fact that I am a strong swimmer. At least its wetsuit legal....I'll post about what occurs tonight tomorrow.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Colfax Half Marathon

I ran the Colfax Half Marathon yesterday. The weather, while a bit brisk for the start and finish, proved to be pretty good for a run. It was in the 30s to start and in the 40s at the finish. I usually run better the cooler I am, but I was bundled appropriately: tights, shorts (I have a thing about tights without shorts over them and my butt), long sleeve technical, Pearl Izumi cold weather cycling jacket, Salsa rain cycling jacket, running hat, but no gloves. By the end of the race I was down to just my technical shirt but promptly put back on my outer layers at the finish.

This was my first race that I ended up with a bloody shoe. I was having sock issues, which I never have, but it seems my socks lost their elasticity right when it was time to run and kept squishing down under my foot. I noticed this before the race and couldn't make up my mind if I should just take them off or not. I left them on, which I suppose was a good thing because the part of my foot that was not covered by the squished down sock ended up being rubbed raw and bloody. I noticed that it started hurting about mile 9 and refused to check on it because that would just mess with me mentally. I knew what was probably going on and it was only a flesh wound. At the finished I looked down to see a bloody shoe and made my way to the medical tent to get it cleaned up. I am all for going to the med tent for band-aids and such. I knew it would be a while before I could clean it myself and with the wet conditions and being on Colfax goodness knows what kind of nasties had attached themselves.

I ended up getting a PR and dropped my time by 15 minutes. I was happy with it. There are reasons for the dropped time and I believe they are:
1. Multi sport training, build endurance while not over training the legs. Plus I have hip issues that creep up when I only run and don't cycle.
2. I did not over hydrate. I did end up drinking some Gatorade which I do not like to do because my stomach gets pretty mad at Gatorade but I felt I needed some salt. I use to have a big problems with over hydrating, it has taken me a while to figure out what I need versus what it being handed out. I'm all for free stuff it seems.
3. Cool weather.
4. I am way more mentally tough and want faster times more now than in the past. I have taught my self to ignore the gremlin that comes into my mind and tells me to slow down or stop.

I am sore today, but oddly up in my shoulders and in my hamstrings. Two places that I am usually not sore after running. As far as having a race on Colfax (or Denver's Red Light district) it was amusing to say the least, I got to pass the Naughty Kitty Salon, Pleasures, some strip clubs, a bunch of dispensaries, hotels that rent by the hour, and one of my favorite restaurants: Deluxe Burger. I'm not sure what one's impression of Denver would be if they came here specifically for this marathon and saw Colfax. Amused hopefully.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mind game

I ran 11 miles on Sunday. My mother signed me up for the Colfax marathon. Thankfully I am only doing the half. It was so very thoughtful of her. I figured since I was doing a half marathon in a week and a half perhaps I should run more than four miles. So I did. I was planning on running 9 and ended up running 11. I was not any harder than I remember from when all I did was run. Here's the thing about multisport training; it just makes you stronger regardless. The swim, the bike, the run they all help each other out. I wasn't even sore the next day which means that I was more than ready for that type of run but my head was telling me I wasn't. Most things are simply in your head anyway.

I am taking a weight lifting class once a week. It's for muscular endurance and not for heavy lifting purposes. The burn at times becomes simply unbearable, but once you turn off your mind telling you to stop your body listens. We are so much stronger than we tell ourselves we are.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Six Weeks until 5430 Sprint!

I have about six weeks until the my first tri this season. Four weeks until the very fun Bolder Boulder! I love this time of year that is fast approaching. I am a summer girl, training outside is so much more enjoyable than inside on the treadmill and spin bike or trainer. Now if only the weather would notice it is May 1st and not March 15th....

This week I have been really focusing on running. I need to get back into it. Surprisingly my heart rate has been staying at more normal rate of 166 bpm instead of the usual 189 bpm.

Monday: Swim 2800m
Tues: run 20 min hour strength training wanted to crawl out of there when it was over.
Thursday: My first Brick. Hour bike and 30 minute run
Friday: 45 minute run
Sat: 3200m swim
Sunday 25 minute run - 1:15 bike(this bike bit has yet to be done, but after the kids are in bed I am on the trainer, I swear!!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The husband and I have a tri coach. It's mainly a swim coach who focuses on swimming training for triathlons. I think I was supposed to be a swimmer. I am fast. I beat boys. I like that. So that is now my strategy get really fast swimming, then push it as hard as I can on the bike, and hold on for dear life running. I am not a fast runner. I can run for a long time, just not fast. I am not sure I can make myself too much faster at running no matter what I do, but since I am primarily trying to beat previous times and not actual people I am ok with that.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

sleeping in is not their forte

Waking up at 4:15 to go swim in order to interrupt the family with training as little as possible only works if the family stays asleep. Ham was up with me and so up woke the husband. I was out the door by five and am only assuming the rest of the herd was up not long after that.

Swam 1000m in about 23 minutes.